At Top Staff we are here to help. We have got you covered whether you are in a lookout for a temporary or permanent role in dairy farming!

Over the last decade the demand for experienced and reliable dairy farm staff in New Zealand has grown rapidly as the industry continues to expand worldwide. New Zealand’s dairy industry is one of the biggest export earners with annual exports exceeding NZ$20 billion as reported by the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand. According to the recent statistics there are 6.1 million dairy cows in New Zealand, more than the number of people living in New Zealand (4.9 million). The average dairy farm has 380 cows, but many farms are a lot bigger and quite a lot of farms now have more than 1,500 cows. The industry currently employs around 50,000 people. To meet the labour shortfall it is now facing, the dairy industry has become dependent on migrant workers.

Our aim is to match your individual requirements as an applicant with available employment opportunities and assist you in forming a lasting business relationship with a sustainable New Zealand dairy farm. We aim to deliver a highly personal, pro-active approach to all our candidates.

If you are interested to use our services than the first step will be to register as an applicant with us.   Simply contact us with a brief outline of your requirements and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss the available opportunities and plan the next steps in your application process.