In 2021 we expanded the range of services offered by our company by adding recruitment services in dairy farming trading under Top Staff name which is now an official registered trademark.

If you are looking for either experienced or entry level staff to work on your dairy farm, we can help you source them. Free up your valuable time and outsource your recruiting needs to us. Our combined experience working with migrant dairy workers is over 15 years, which is why we understand what you need in an employee.

Experienced dairy staff are often hard to find. With our knowledge we are able to source quality dairy employees for a variety of roles.

Our significant experience enables us to provide advice that is applicable to current labour market circumstances, considering the challenges that you as employers face when hiring staff. 

Our support does not end when an employee is placed in a role. We will be glad to answer your calls for the duration of employment if you seek further advice. Our intention is that you do not feel us like an external recruiter, but rather as a member of your internal HR team.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Identify your recruitment needs.

We will meet with you to discuss your hiring needs for the roles you have. It is important that we collect as much information about your business, the duties involved in the role that needs to be filled and identify how the new job aligns with your goals and business plan.

2. Prepare a recruitment plan

Once your hiring needs are identified, we will come up with a plan on the steps required to attract the best possible candidates, including how to publicise the new role, criteria for initial candidate screening, what the interview process will be, who will conduct interviews, etc.

3. Write a job description

Based on information gathered from you we will compile a job description providing requirements for previous work experience, qualifications, personal and professional characteristics, information regarding salary and benefits, roster, and accurately describing the farm and available accommodations.

4. Advertise

We will notify all candidates on our database of this job opening. Additionally, we will promote the role externally utilising a combination of various platforms (depending on your requirements), including but not limited to social media, internet and paper-based employment websites, newspapers, industry publications, recruitment fairs and events, etc.

5. Review and initial screening

We will review all applications received in response to advertising and eliminate any candidate who does not meet the minimum requirements for the role. Once we compiled a batch of qualified applicants we will review the remaining candidates more closely and identify those who we want to interview. We will then conduct initial interviews normally with phone calls. Such interviews will help us to determine if selected applicants have the requisite qualifications to fill the vacancy and fit your organisation’s culture and values.

6. Interview and candidate’s assessment

We will forward to you CVs of any applicants who into our opinion meet your requirements for the role. Then, depending on your organisation’s structure and requirements, we will schedule one or more interviews of the selected candidates with your hiring staff and seniour management. These can be conducted either in-person (depending on where the candidate is based), or via phone, Skype, Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp, or any other platform of your choice.  These interviews will normally focus on candidates’ experience, work history, skills, availability, and expectations in terms of remuneration. 

7. Reference and background check

Once you selected a small pool of top candidates, we will arrange their reference and background checks in accordance with the specific requirements for your role. This may include but not limited to verifying any appropriate information shared by the candidate about their previous employment (job performance, experience, responsibilities, teamwork, etc). Drug testing and police check may also be warranted, depending on the role.

8. Job offer

Once a top applicant is identified, you will extend an initial job offer to them. We will assist you to prepare a formal letter in accordance with government regulations to make sure your candidate fully understands expectations regarding the work, pay, benefits and hours of work. It is a good idea to provide to a potential candidate with a draft employment agreement which we will also prepare and supply on your behalf.

9. Hiring

Once the candidate accepts the job offer, they will sign the acceptance letter and individual employment agreement. If the candidate is a migrant worker who requires a visa to work for your business, our licensed immigration adviser will take care of the labour market check, completing employer supplementary form, preparing and lodging visa application and other necessary formalities. Once work visa is approved the candidate is legally able to start working for your business.

10. Ongoing support and performance review

Our service does not end when your vacancy is filled. We will be glad to assist with the scheduled performance reviews and provide ongoing support as may be required.